NCIS Season 8 DVD cover
Original run September 21, 2010 – May 17, 2011
No. of Episodes 24
Nielsen rating 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
Home video release
DVD release
Blu-ray Disc release
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Season 8 of NCIS premiered on September 21, 2010.




Recurring castEdit

Guest castEdit


Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
150px "Spider and the Fly" 163 1 September 21, 2010 19.41
Following Jackson Gibbs' confrontation with Paloma Reynosa, he is placed in NCIS protective custody at his son's house. A few months later, the death of a helicopter pilot embroils the team in the Reynosa Cartel's vendetta with Gibbs, making each team member a target. Paloma Reynosa, head of the cartel, plays a game of cat and mouse with NCIS as she makes a wide trail through the US, expanding her cartel's influence. Tensions erupt when Alejandro Rivera (guest star Marco Sanchez), calls Abby on her bluff to send the report on the Pedro Hernandez murder and threatens her in front of Gibbs. Aware of his involvement in the Reynosa Cartel, NCIS leads Rivera into a trap at a safehouse, tricking him into thinking his sister is dead and those responsible are in protective custody. Rivera takes the bait and intends to exact revenge, but ends up fatally shooting his own sister. Meanwhile, Leon Vance, whilst putting the report implicating Gibbs in a place no one will find it, receives a mysterious text message from Eli David, Director of Mossad claiming "I found him".

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