JAG Season 1 DVD cover
Original run September 23, 1995 – May 29, 1996
No. of Episodes 22
Nielsen rating 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 July 25, 2006
Region 2 October 16, 2006
Region 4 October 16, 2006
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Season 1 of JAG aired from September 23, 1995 to May 29, 1996.




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Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
JAG Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot" 1/2 1/2 001/002 September 23, 1995
A woman radar-intercept officer (RIO) disappears at night from an aircraft carrier in the Adriatic Sea. Two JAG lawyers, Lt. Harm Rabb and Lt. Caitlin Pike, investigate and solve. Harm, a former Naval aviator, unexpectedly becomes a hero.
JAG Season 1 Episode 3 "Shadow" 3 3 003 September 30, 1995
A civilian tech rep aboard a submarine seizes control of an experimental torpedo after its launch during an exercise. The rep threatens to sink a cruise ship and demands a ransom. Harm and Ltjg. Megan Austin go to the sub and save the day.
150px "Desert Son" 4 4 005 October 7, 1995
Due to a human error in an exercise, artillery fire injures seven Marines, one of whom later dies. The accused is a son of a former commandant of the Marine Corps. Harm and Meg investigate; Meg, with help from Ollie North, finds the truth.
150px "Déjà Vu" 5 5 004 October 21, 1995
Three Navy lieutenants die by homicide in 11 months around Washington. Harm and Meg investigate; their attention turns to the Thai ambassador, his wife, and his chief of security. The chief confesses, but Meg and Harm discover the truth.
150px "Pilot Error" 6 6 007 November 4, 1995
150px "War Cries" 7 7 008 November 11, 1995
150px "Brig Break" 8 8 006 December 2, 1995

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Box Art Title Format Number of Discs Release Date
JAG Season 1 DVD cover JAG - The Complete First Season DVD 6 July 25, 2006
Get ready for action, adventure and suspense in Season One of TV's longest-running military drama, JAG. The first season of its 10-year reign introduces former flying ace Harmon "Harm" Rabb of the Navy's Judge Advocate General. Now an attorney, Harm investigates, prosecutes and defends military criminals in cases that often take him behind enemy lines... both in Washington and overseas. Catch the action from the beginning with all 21 episodes, including the rarely seen "Skeleton Crew." Starring David James Elliott, this Emmy Award-winning series is one of television's best.
JAG Season 1 (19951996)

101/102. "Pilot"
103. "Shadow"
104. "Desert Son"
105. "Déjà Vu"
106. "Pilot Error"
107. "War Cries"
108. "Brig Break"
109. "Scimitar"

110. "Boot"
111. "Sightings"
112. "The Brotherhood"
113. "Defensive Action"
114. "Smoked"
115. "Hemlock"
116. "High Ground"
117. "Black Ops"

118. "Survivors"
119. "Recovery"
120. "The Prisoner"
121. "Ares"
122. "Skeleton Crew"

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